Lawrence Bread and Roses


This piece celebrates the courageous women of Lawrence, Massachusetts who fought for better working conditions in the world famous Bread and Roses strike of 1912. The Ayer Mill Clock Tower depicted in the collage is a famous landmark in the city. If you look closely at this piece you can see images of these striking textile workers, as well as Frederick Ayer after whom the tower is named, and Francis Perkins, the first US Secretary of Labor under FDR.


Giclee prints are created with a high resolution scan of the original work and then printed on heavy acid-free paper with ultra-chrome pigmented fine art ink. Each is individually signed and presented in an archival off-white mat, ready for a standard size frame. Or you can buy the art framed and ready to hang in either black or natural wood frames.

Larger prints (8×10 and above) are limited edition and reproduce the ragged edges of the originals, showing the pieces of the collage. For larger prints or custom sizes, contact the artist.

Shipping is $5.00