Puzzle of Boston: Wooden, Heirloom Quality


Puzzles are the perfect pastime and now one of our most popular images is available! This high quality wooden puzzle provides a great view of the Boston skyline. The puzzle is laser cut from wood and very sturdy. It can be handed down for generations and is presented in an attractive box with a satin bag for the pieces. The puzzle contains many intricate, whimsical wooden jigsaw shapes like boats, anchors, ducks, baseball players and even a swan boat!



Manufactured in the US by Nautilus Puzzles, well known by puzzle enthusiasts world-wide. The box includes a bonus poster to guide assembly, and the unusual shapes of the pieces ensure a challenge for the most serious of puzzles masters. Designed for adults.
Number of Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces: 450
Completed Puzzle Size: 15″ X 11.5

Shipping: $5.00