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Your site is built using Divi- a state-of-the-art builder. Here are some tutorials provided by the Divi Theme.

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Your Website Tutorials

Enabling & Editing Holiday / Sale Banners
  • In your Dashboard visit Divi> Theme Builder
  • The Banner Ad is available under the template titled Ad Banner Template (All Pages)
  • If your Banner is turned OFF the title of your template will be in red. To turn it on, Scroll anywhere over the template block and Click the cog icon at the top. Choose All Pages. Your Template title will turn black.
  • To Turn it off, uncheck that All Pages option. Your Template name will turn red, and the banner will not show.

To Edit the Banner

  • Click the pencil icon of the grey “Custom Header” module in the Ad Banner Template (all Pages)

You can edit this Ad Banner in several ways:

  • Click directly in the textbox and start typing. When done, click the big green checkmark, bottom right, to Save Changes. OR…
  • Yoou can access the editor for more text options (Bold, Italic, etc), click in the text box to access the grey module cog icon and click to enter the editor. When done, click the big green checkmark, bottom right, to Save Changes.

If you can not access the text module bar settings-

  • Click the purple three dot button at the bottom of the screen and in the menu on the left, choose Wireframe View– the second from left icon. This will allow you to see the underlying blueprint of your Divi Page which gives better access to all the modules. All modules are titled for ease of identification.
  • Click the Ad Banner Text (grey bar), then click the cog icon to access module settings to edit the Ad text. Edit text and click the big green checkmark, bottom right, to Save Changes.
  • To edit the background color of the Ad banner, click the Ad Banner Section (blue bar) then click the cog icon to access module settings.
    • Click Background.
    • Click on the color to access a spectrum field of colors. Scroll around to choose a color. Standard colors in use on your site are also available under that spectrum field.
    • Click the big green checkmark, bottom right, to Save Changes.
  • You can click the Wireframe View icon at anytime to view your changes.
  • When changes are complete, Click Save (bottom right), or Click the X (top right) you will be prompted to save any changes, or discard and leave.


Scheduling Coupons

In your Dashboard visit Divi>Marketing>Coupons

From here you can either edit an existing coupon or create a new one. Both directions are similar.

Editing an Existing Coupon

This option will overwrite previous coupon settings. To create a new coupon click Add Coupon button and continue from Step 2.

  1. Click on a coupon title to access the editor
  2. Click “Generate Coupon Code” to generate a new title
  3. Edit Discount Type, Coupon Amount and Expiry Date (and shipping if desired)
  4. To schedule a future coupon start date, edit the “Published On” date on the right side of the Editor.
  5. Click Update and Save
Editing Your Website Footer

In your Dashboard visit Divi>Theme Builder

Click on the green Global Footer to access Divi Modules that create your Footer