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Your site is built using Divi- a state-of-the-art builder. Here are some tutorials provided by the Divi Theme.

These tutorials were created specifically for your website:

Your Website Tutorials

Enabling & Editing Holiday / Sale Banners

Add Banner:

  • In your Dashboard visit Divi>Theme Builder
  • Click on the Green Global Header pencil icon
  • Click the blue plus icon to add a new section (You’ll move it up into place later)
  • Click Add From Library purple tab
  • Choose Sale Banner Header for Divi Builder
  • Click Use this Section (Blue button). This will add your banner below the top menu
  • Click on the banner and drag up to top of page.

Edit the Banner:

  • Click directly in the grey module cog to access the editor. Access the Design tab for more text options.
  • When done, click the big green checkmark, at the bottom right, to Save Changes.
  • To change the color of the banner click the SECTION cog icon (click the banner in the far left or right to access blue section bar icons.

Exit using the purple X at the top, right of the page. Save and Exit. All Changes Saved green button at the top.



Scheduling Coupons

In your Dashboard visit Divi>Marketing>Coupons

From here you can either edit an existing coupon or create a new one. Both directions are similar.

Editing an Existing Coupon

This option will overwrite previous coupon settings. To create a new coupon click Add Coupon button and continue from Step 2.

  1. Click on a coupon title to access the editor
  2. Click “Generate Coupon Code” to generate a new title
  3. Edit Discount Type, Coupon Amount and Expiry Date (and shipping if desired)
  4. To schedule a future coupon start date, edit the “Published On” date on the right side of the Editor.
  5. Click Update and Save
Editing Your Website Footer

In your Dashboard visit Divi>Theme Builder

Click on the green Global Footer to access Divi Modules that create your Footer